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Dollar Shave Club aka Supporting USPS via my love of snail mail

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While most of my paper communications long been converted to digital messaging I still love receiving packages in my mail box. Enter Dollar Shave Club.

I stumbled across their website after reading about their witty and awesome marketing – see video below – and decided to give the Dollar Shave Club a try. For just a $1 [plus $2 Shipping] you can receive your monthly supply of razor blades direct shipped to your house.

No more shaving with a dull blade for 2 weeks… 3… ok an entire month sometimes before I remember that I needed to pick up blades at the store. They have a few options besides their $1 blade, including a unisex option for just $6 which is what I use. I don’t need more then 2 razor blades a month so I am on the every other month plan.

Its a really awesome service and their witty marketing department makes receiving each months package a lot of fun. I wish there were other services out there with a similar mindset – if you know of any send them my way so I can check it out.

If you want to try out Dollar Shave Club for yourself – sign up with my link & help me earn free razors for life.

My opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for my opinion or trying the product.

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