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Removing Ink Stains

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I was laying in bed Sunday morning debating between getting up or going back to sleep for a few minutes when I hear the unnatural sound of the dog chewing. I look up over the foot of the bed and see her with a bone. No problem, lay back down.

20 minutes later I wake up with her laying in my face. As my eye’s start to focus I realize that somehow, her entire muzzle was dyed blue.

WHAT the hell..

Allow me to introduce you to how I spent the rest of my morning.

Blue Pen on Carpet

I once had a pen explode in the back pocket of my jeans while headed to lunch and after returning to work was politely informed by the first person I saw that I was leaving ink butt prints all over the office. The pants were a lost cause but luckily one of the ladies in my office had a can of hairspray in her office and was able to show me how easy it would be to get the black ink stain out of my grey car interior.

After seeing the mess Rogue made with a nice ball point pen I started cleaning with hairspray and an old towel. The trick to removing an ink stain is providing something else for the stain to soak into.

Stain removers

I spent about 45 minutes trying with the hairspray before I both ran out and it dawned on me that the active ingredient removing the stain was actually the alcohol. I grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet and a fresh old towel.

The straight alcohol improved the results greatly, but the stain was still visible. As a last ditch effort I mixed up the stain cleaner my mom swears by, a 32 ounce bottle of peroxide mixed with ammonia. (I know, mixing anything with ammonia really freaks me out).

Mix everything together in a spray bottle and apply heavily to the carpet. Set a towel on top of the stain and several heavy books and leave for a few hours.

After about 4 hours I pulled back the towel and while the stain was quite a bit lighter, it is still visible. Pretty sure I’m lucky that I was able to get as much out as I did, but if anyone has any other tricks for stain removal, feel free to leave them in the comments.

The remains of the blue stain


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    Harley Banks
    August 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

    This may be a bit late… but I had an ink stain set in my carpet from a 100ml ink bottle knocked over on my carpet (blue ink) . Managed to get every single trace out of it, I mean there is no evidence what so ever. All i used was this product here, not trying to sell anything and I’m in the uk so you might not have this but maybe looking at the ingredients will help?

    This is what I used:

    If you can’t get ingredients off or you consider it too time-consuming, it id try this website as they review carpet stainers and was helpful for me to find what ingredients to look for in a carpet stain remover product. (Only reason I didn’t use a product on there was because I didn’t have any of their products available that I could get that day, would have had to wait for shipping and this product I bought had the same ingredients as one of their products or reasonably so.)

    Just want to share because my stain was set in for 11 days before I went about removing and it worked so well. (ps took me an entire day of scrubbing, I mean at least 8 hours of scrubbing although I had a big better square ink stain.)… I also used 15 cheap white clothes to transfer the ink onto (you can’t use less and wash them, but it was 1 pound for 5 so I bought a lot and saved myself the hassle)

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