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Starting Off the Season With The Broncos

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Every team says it, but when push comes to shove, there really are no better fans than Bronco’s fans. As a Colorado native I was raised on blue and orange, rooting for Elway and cheering as the Bronco’s brought home the Lombardi trophy in 1998 and 1999. Attending a game at Mile High is a special occasion, with individual tickets hard to buy and season tickets on a 30 year wait list so when I learned that I was the winner of not only game tickets, but also field passes before the game, I was ecstatic.


We arrived at the field before the game and entered the stadium through a special tunnel that went directly from the parking lot onto the field.


As if standing on the field wasn’t amazing enough, getting to see the players warm up just feet away was amazing. Its hard to really understand how massive these guys are, but being this close you can really understand how they can take hit after hit on the field and get back up for the next play.


Just before the game was ready to start everyone on the field was directed back into the stands to find our seats. Amazingly while we had to walk all the way around the stadium, we ended up in the 100 level right where the players enter the field and an amazing view of the action. My cousin Jeannie was a real trooper, having just been required to wear a walking boot the day before, but I think she’d agree that the seats were 100% worth how far we had to walk.


Watching Thunder run down the field has always been one of my favorite parts of the game and getting to hang out while his handler talked to him on the sidelines is was really an incredible experience.

Watching the game was such a great treat and I’m so glad that I entered to win tickets!

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