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Five Ways to Refresh your Home for Spring

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We may still have snow on the ground (and more headed our way) but spring has officially started and I’m ready to start looking forward to brighter colors, warmer weather and all the beauty that spring brings. Since I can’t control the weather outside, refreshing the inside is the next best thing! 

Instead of just spring cleaning, I like to add a touch of fresh decor as I change over the house for the new season. There’s always lots to be done but in the spring I like to try and focus on a couple of simple tricks for keeping the house feeling fresh and clean. If you need some new decor this is the perfect time to add a touch of spring. 

This list could go on and on, covering sweeping out the garage, cleaning the windows, and mopping the entryway from all the grime tracked inside on winter boots. If you are anything like me, a high level clean might be all you need / all you have time for. These are my high points that I try to focus on as the weather outside warms. 

  1. Add in some greenery

    I am currently in love with succulents and terrariums. My post today over at Made From Pinterest will show you how to build your own terrarium just like the one below! If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always add some fresh live plants directly into your decor.

    Add some greenery to your home with a terrarium

    If you aren’t too set on having real plants (I do promise succulents are super easy to care for). You may want to try out some artificial succulent terrariums instead. Some Target locations may have real plans as well, so check in the floral department to see if they do!  

  2. Boost up the color palette

    Spring is the perfect time to add a few more bright colors into your decor. The DENY Designs Decorative Tray from Target is full of color and would add a bit of brightness to any room.

    A colorful tray is a fun way to add new color into a room.

  3. Wipe down your cupboards and baseboards.

    It is shocking how dirty the outside of cupboards can get. You may not notice it throughout the day, but if you stop to look (especially if you have white cupboards) you’ll see hand prints where the cupboards are grabbed, and food spills / drips on everything else. 

    On baseboards, dust and dirt from your shoes will accumulate over the course of the winter season. On both my baseboards and cupboards I use a magic eraser to get rid of most of the gunk. 

    Keeping white cupboards cleans a challenge. I like using magic eraser to keep all the dirt at bay.Image Source: WWarby
  4. Refresh your throw pillows 

    I love throw pillows. Dependent on how often you use the room they are in, each season you should think about washing to changing out the pillow cases on your throw pillows. If the pillows themselves are not dirty, they are probably dusty and due for a freshening. 

    Throw pillows are the perfect way to add a touch of color to a room.

    Image Source: Go Haus Go

    Instead of replacing all the pillows, consider adding a couple new pillows into the mix and putting a few of the winter styles away for storage. 

  5. Wash your Curtains 

    Spring is in the air so it’s time to open the windows and let in the sunshine. Take down your curtains and toss them in the wash with your favorite brand (and scent) of soap. 

    When the laundry is done, make sure to iron the curtains before hanging them back up. You’ll be surprised how good they smell with the fresh breeze coming right through the open windows. 

What are your tips and tricks for preparing for the spring season? 

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