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July Reading List

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This month’s reading challenge selections are HEARTY long reads so I’ll only include 3 books for you to check out during July. If you’ve been following along since March [because why start in January when everything is SO busy] you should be through 25 books this year – exactly halfway. Let me know what your thoughts are about this month’s books and shout out how far along you on in your 50 book challenge! 

July Reading List Missing, Presumed  

If you are a fan of Serial you are going to LOVE Missing, Presumed. The story follows British Detective Manon Bradshaw as she investigates the disappearance of a university student Edith Hind.  Told through the eyes of various characters intwined in the story the novel showcases a female spin on the typical patriarchy we often see in detective dramas – resulting in more of a character study then a crime novel.   

Missing, Presumed

July-reading-listMe Before You 

The movie version of this heartbreaking novel hit the screens last month and I’m happy to see that the movie did all the emotions you feel while reading justice.  Me Before You follows Lou Clark after she finds herself in the role of “care assistant” for witty, angry and wealthy Will Traynor. Will was left quadriplegic after a tragic accident, and his mother hires Lou in hopes to find someone to life his spirits. The pair find themselves battling wits regularly, debating Lou’s experiences living in a sleepy town without adventure, against Will’s thrill seeking personality.  Grab your tissues because you’ll need them before you wrap up the ending of this novel. 

Me Before You 

July Reading List Alexander Hamilton 

The Tony’s where last month and if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last year you’ve probably heard this founding father’s name mentioned more then once in passing conversation. The inspiration for the best musical of 2016 came directly from this biographical telling of Alexander Hamilton’s life. More than a bar trivia question (“Who shot Alexander Hamilton”) Chrenow’s telling of Hamilton’s story shows us the story behind the legacy that built many of the foundation stones of our nation. If you are a history buff or love musicals, you’ll enjoy catching up on the facts behind the fiction of this almost forgotten man from history. 

Alexander Hamilton 



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