Storks, Flying into Theaters on September 23rd

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As adults without children we see a lot of animated movies, probably more than most of our friends who have kids. I love the simplicity of animation and the authenticity that can be brought to life by a non-human character. When we received the opportunity to see a pre-screening of the new Storks Movie I was excited to get to check it out before the formal debut in theatre’s this weekend. 


 The story kicks off with Junior (Andy Samberg) breaking an all time delivery record before being offered the opportunity to take over the factory as boss. There is just one hitch, he has to fire the last baby the storks were supposed to deliver (the 18 year old Orphan Tulip). 

As the only human in the bird run factory, Tulip (Katie Crown) is over enthusiastic and eager  to please, accidentally kicking the baby factory back into action before Junior has the opportunity to let her go. Together Tulip and Junior work to deliver the new baby to her waiting family while attempting to avoid suspicion from the larger Stork community. 

Between the four of us who watched the movie together, we have plenty of friends with babies or babies on the way, but none of our own. This may have made the antics and humor throughout the movie all the more enjoyable, showcasing an element of life that we have witnessed among our family and friends. While animated, the realism of newborn life was relatable (as much as it can be for someone without children). 

The humor intended for younger audiences was entertaining and the adult humor hidden between the lines was outright hilarious. The plot line was believable and the characters where each provided a backstory that helped bring them, and their motivations to life. 

Take a look at the trailer below and if you head to the movies this weekend definitely put Storks on your must watch list – with or without kiddos in tow. 

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