Building Halloween Traditions

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Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. There’s no required way to celebrate and a plenty of reason to decorate the house and wear fun costumes. What more could you ask for from a holiday? Aside… I CAN NOT WAIT to share my Halloween costume. … 

Throwing a party is fun, but dependent on the night of the week a big celebration might be more than you need. Halloween happens to fall on a Monday night this year so between work and looking forward to seeing the neighborhood trick or treaters we are planning for a low-key night in.


Traditions are established as a part of routine, picking something you love and doing it year after year. In Colorado, Halloween is typically pretty cold, often falling the same week as the first snowfall of the year. This means that its the ideal time to snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn, a movie and a hot drink while we wait for the doorbell to ring.

Watching scary movies is one of my favorite Halloween traditions.

You may know people who have their favorite soup bowl, or coffee cup, but today I want to introduce to you — my favorite Apple Cider Mug. 

Creating Halloween Traditions

Hot apple cider needs a thick mug that keeps the inside warm, without making it hard to hold. You want just enough energy transfer for your hands to stay toasty in between trick or treaters. The fun seasonal pattern is perfect for starting a conversation with parents and gives you something to enjoy the holiday with even if you haven’t had time for other decorations. 

With stunning bright colors and beautiful details, handcrafted pottery from Uno Alla Volta is a tradition for families around the world and I am so excited to add their stunning Halloween pottery collection to my families traditions this year. 


Once the treats are all gone, you can see just how pretty the inside of the bowl is. The vibrant colors and a fun festive pattern make Halloween Polish Pottery Bowl is perfect for a halloween movie night or distributing candies to the neighborhood.  

Each piece of Uno Alla Volta is handcrafted, exactly the way Polish pottery has been made for the last 100 or more years. Since no single piece being exactly alike, you can add dozens of pieces of pottery to your collection, creating a new holiday tradition that is unique to you. I’m looking forward to all the ways my family will use and create traditions with our Halloween Mugs and Pottery Bowl in the years to come.

Sound off in the comments. What Halloween traditions does your family enjoy? 

Disclosure: I received a product sample to include in this this post. All views and options expressed in this post are my own and no additional compensation was provided. 

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