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Making over your guest room for the holidays with timberchic®

Installing a reclaimed wood wall
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I can’t believe its November already. Does anyone else feel like this year has gone by in a blur? As the holiday season rapidly approaches I’ve been feeling the need to make the guest room up to par for any holiday guests stopping by this year. Having a guest room that helps invite people to make themselves at home really helps improve everyones experience as a traveler! 

When we started, this guest room was a bit boring, just plain walls and a bed. The first step in revamping this room was to remove all the furniture and update the paint throughout the whole room. We used a light grey to give some color and depth. 

I’m in love with the look of reclaimed wood walls and I was super excited when I learned how easy timberchic® could make installing a reclaimed accent wall in this room. This beautiful DIY solution is made of reclaimed river logs and the smooth finish makes it perfect for installing as a headboard in the guest room. 

Installing a reclaimed wood wallThe full installation took approximately 6 hours, minus a trips to the store to get the right tools.


The reclaimed wood walls you see on HGTV are typically real 1″ x 4″ planks. Installing those would be super heavy and require a saw to make every cut, not to mention drilling each one into the wall. 

This is what makes timberchic®  so amazing! Each panel has been stripped down to a 1/4″ width making them lightweight to carry and instal. The panels come precut into a variety of sizes and are ready for quick installation by simply removing the adhesive strip backing from the wall side of each panel.

Tools needed for timberchic® wall installation

  • Level
  • Carpenters Square
  • Utility Knife for cuts
  • Tape Measure
  • Sand paper

Step 1: Prep the Wall and check to ensure that it is level.

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Luckily there wasn’t much we needed to do to prepare the walls other then remove the outlet faceplate. In Colorado (who knows maybe elsewhere too) houses settle, and sometimes walls get a bit off square.

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Its important to make sure that the ceiling and baseboard is level so that you don’t a have to worry about having a tilted pattern halfway down the wall. 

Step 2: Plan your layout

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

It would be impossible for the precut sizes to line up exactly, so we needed to plan to do some cuts to make everything fit properly in the space. 

Step 3: Begin Installation 


Installing a reclaimed wood wall

The adhesive backing on each strip made it easy to install each plank in minutes.Just line up against the board above it and press down firmly to adhere to the wall. 

One important thing to be aware of is that these are REAL wood planks, so each one has its own character. Some planks have natural knots that need to be cleaned up as you go. timberchic®  provides black stickers just for this purpose. You just stick a sticker on the wall where the knot will appear and it will create additional depth into your finished look! 

Step 4: Cut planks as needed

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

This was hands down the hardest part of this project. We initially to use a rotating saw but quickly discovered that it was unnecessary to use that much power to cut the strips. Next we picked up this handsaw and miter box and found that the miter box was just slightly too small for the planks. After a bit of trial and error, we found that a utility knife was the best way to cut each piece down to size. Just score firmly on each side and gently snap the wood apart. 

Step 5: Cut around the outlet

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Luckily we only had one outlet to worry about. Once we got to this row, we selected a medium sized plank to trace the outline of the outlet on and cut with the utility knife. We did end up breaking the first board we tried this with which is why ordering overage is SO important. Make sure you have enough extra boards that if you make mistakes you wont come up short at the bottom of the wall.  

Step 6: Finish installation 

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

Installing a reclaimed wood wall

I love how this wall made a smaller room look and feel bigger! Who’s ready to come for a visit? 

We even made a time lapse video of the installation to show you how the full installation process went! 

Disclaimer: I received a product sample from timberchic to inspire my post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Video music provided royalty free by Hook Sounds

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