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Going out guide: Holiday Party Beauty Toolkit

Heated Brush
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Tis the season for holiday parties, Christmas carols and getting together with family and friends. As we head into the hustle of the holiday season, it’s hard to block enough time out for all the things you have to do in a day AND get dressed up for a night out. I’ve put together a list of my holiday tool kit must haves to help inspire you to add some sparkle to your evening out. 

Holiday Party Beauty Toolkit

Holiday party toolkit

Holiday Party Hair Care from Revlon 

For most people, including myself and my beautiful little sister model Emily, winter weather does a doozy on your hair. In Colorado, the dry cold weather can make for breakage and fly aways that will drive you mad. To cope with the dry climate, the less heat you have to apply to get your hair holiday party ready, the better. 

Holiday Party Toolkit

The Revlon Steel Pin Brush is perfect for detangling my thick and wavy hair. The steel pins are perfect for combating even the worse bed head or making a quick come back from a windy day outside. 

Revlon Hair Brush

Over styling and over heating your hair is the fastest way to damage it. When I know I’ll be styling my hair a lot, like during the holiday season when I’m headed out to parties or just trying to make sure not to leave the house with a wet head, the Revlon One-Step Straight & Shine heated brush is perfect for brushing and straightening all in one step! There’s no need for an extra blow dry when you use the heat brush from the get go. 

As a total aside, I can’t get over how big my BABY SISTER is. Ugh, I remember thinking I’d be in my 30’s when she was driving and look here we are. Goodness Emily, can’t you go back to being the little toddler? 

Heated Brush

Heated Brush

At the end of a long day, even the most easy to do hair needs a bit of taming. Before heading out for a night on the town, I like to run a quick flat iron over my hair one more time to tame any frizz that worked itself up during the day. The Revlon Smooth Brilliance Flat Iron heats up quickly and the copper ceramic plates are perfect for 1 press straightening without damaging hair.  


Revlon Flat Iron

Revlon Flat Iron

Holiday Party Makeup from Stila

I don’t wear a lot of makeup so when I do put makeup on, I want to rely on it staying put for a few hours at least. I’m happy to say I’ve found a winner with Stila Cosmetic’s Star-Studded gift sets! 

The Stila Star-Studded Stay All Day Liquid set is my new go to lipstick. The colors are long lasting (up to six hours) and application feels more like a chapstick than a lipstick. With Vitamin E and Avocado Oil in each color, my lips feel hydrated and happy even on the driest Colorado day.

The holidays are the perfect time to shine! For a subtle touch of glimmer, I’m loving Stila’s Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set. With three glitter and glow shadows and three shimmer shadows, the sparkle is just enough to make your holiday’s a little bit brighter. The liquid shadow drys light and will stay put for your entire holiday party! 

Holiday Party Brows on Point

Can you believe that over plucking used to be the must have look? Thank goodness we’ve gone away from that terrible style. With thick eyebrows in all the top fashion magazines, getting your brows on point for the holidays will take your holiday look from basic to fabulous. 

I have scars in both my eye brows from stitches at two different klutsy moments. FACT: Gymnasium door frames are not meant to be run into. As a result, I have some patchy places that I like to cover up. The BROWFOOD Mighty Mini Brow Trio is perfect for helping me fill in my scars and tame my brows. 

All three products work amazing on their own, but together are the perfect match for putting the finishing touches on my holiday party look.The Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer is a natural brow enhancing serum that is helping my brows grow in to cover those scars. While I’m waiting for those to grow, the velvet 3D brow glide works similar to a mascara without any of the heavy chunky look. It helps keep my eyebrows from getting wild and gives my makeup a finished polish look. If I make a mistake, or even mess up my eyeliner, the Chamomile makeup eraser pen is a must have for quick corrections. There’s nothing worse then when you flinch while applying eyeliner and getting it all over. Important note: BROWFOOD is only available at Ulta.


Looking for more holiday party inspiration? Check out my post on Holiday Party Dresses from Rent the Runway! Thank you for checking out some of my holiday going out must haves. What are some of yours? Leave a note in the comments with your holiday party staples! 

Disclaimer: I received product samples as inspiration for this post. I was not compensated and all opinions and writing are my own. Some links are affiliate and will support the creation of this publication should you choose to make a purchase. 

Going Out Guide: Holiday Party Toolkit
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Going Out Guide: Holiday Party Toolkit
My recommendations for your must haves for getting ready for holiday parties this season!
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