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Holiday Cleaning Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Sponsored by Shark

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As you get ready for the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to do a deep clean of your house before decorations go up and guests start to arrive.

Our house is a tri-level, meaning that each room is broken up into smaller spaces but the connecting open floor plan makes everything feel bigger. During the holidays, we need to be creative to add the tree and holiday decorations into the living room without making the room feel cluttered.For me, keeping the house clean is the biggest way for me to avoid feeling stressed during the holiday season. No matter how busy things get, once the big cleaning tasks are squared away its easy to maintain the small messes throughout the week. 

Holiday Cleaning Tip 1:

Move all the furniture, not just the items needed to make room for the tree

We have just enough space in our front living room for all the furniture, so typically we move one of the chairs into a different room to make space for a tree.

This makes the perfect opportunity for moving all the furniture and finding any dog toys or dust bunnies that have made their way under the sofas.

Holiday Cleaning Tip 2:

Put Away the Clutter 

Take an empty laundry basket and move from room gathering items that don’t belong and put them away. This should help clear up table and counter space for adding holiday decor. 

Once the non essential items are away, dust everything that remains. Before new decor goes up, giving a deep clean to everything will create a clean slate.

Holiday Cleaning Tip 3:

Clean the floors 

With everything put away, now is the ideal time for a deep clean vacuum of the entire house including the stairs. This is where my Shark Vacuum is a godsend. The Shark® APEX™ DuoClean™ Powered Lift-Away® is a powerhouse of a vacuum that helps take care of my entire house, both carpet and hardwood floors.

The dual spinning brushes pull deep into the fibers of the carpet lifting out the corgi fur that is such a staple in my life. I love miss Rogue but she sure is a little fur ball most of the time.

I’m always in shock by how much dog hair I find in the canister. 

The new DuoClean is ideal for stairs and furniture, allowing me to get the the hard to reach places with the easy to use deep-cleaning Motorized Pet Tool and lift-away canister. 

After all the floors are done, there’s no bag to worry about the the canister can be easily emptied directly into the trash. The filter is easy to access, so every few weeks it can come out and be washed as well.

After the floors are done, its time for the decorations to go up! Throughout the month of December it’s easy to maintain a clean house and then do another deep clean when everything is put away at the end of the year. 

Disclaimer: I received a product sample from Shark as inspiration for this post. All experiences and opinions are my own. 

Photo Credits: Pexels, Anne Murlowski

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