Glam Hair for Day to Night: Holiday Hair Inspiration

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Winter weather is the absolute worst for styling your hair. Its wet, its cold, its dry and cold. It could go on and one. When you are trying to get ready for the day and have a holiday party later that night, planning your hair is a whole new challenge. I’ve put together my top day to night hair looks for you below! 

Holiday Hair Look 1: French Twist

I have a TON of hair, so sometimes its just easier to put it up than deal with trying to do anything else. I love how the french twist is an elegant yet easy way to do my hair. 

This look requires a few (or MANY) bobby pins and a bit of patience. Start out by pulling all your hair together at the nape of your neck. Twist in a clockwise motion until the hair starts to twist upwards. Slide your hands down the hair until you have twisted the entire length of your hair. Fold the tail under and pull from the side of the twist over to tightly secure the twist in place. Add bobby pins to secure the loose pieces. 

I’m always impressed with how well this look stays up throughout the day, even when I’m busy and moving around a lot. This easy updo is a fun look with a dress and is can be accented nicely with pearl or other stud earrings. 

Holiday Hair Look 2: Curls 

When I curl my hair, I need a tool that creates a curl that holds, all without damaging my hair. I’m lucky and have a lot of volume in my hair already. My sister Emily has poker straight hair so even getting a curl at all is a huge win. 

When I’m planning to go directly from work to a holiday party, I start my day with the Beachwaver Pro. I’ve been using the Beachwaver as my go to curling iron for the last year and I love that they came out with a bigger barrel for even more voluminous curls. The new Beachwaver is even dressed up for the holidays with Swarovski crystals making your Beachwaver as glam as your other Christmas decorations. 

The rotating barrel makes it easy to quickly curl and is one of the things that makes the Beachwaver unique from other curling irons. the quick rotation has significantly cut down on the amount of time I spend doing my hair every morning. 

Holiday Hair Look 3: Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are a fun look that stay put for the entire day. You don’t see many fishtail braids, so helps give a unique look to your holiday attire!

To make a fishtail braid, start by pulling the hair to the back and divide into two equal sections. Separate a half-inch section from the outside of one of the two portions. Pull this piece across and join it on the side of the opposite section. Repeat this on the opposite side. Continue going back and forth until all of the hair is looped together and fasten with a hair tie.

Once done, you can loosen the braid a bit by pulling on the outside edges. This creates a more flowing look. 

Holiday Hair Look 4: Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is my go to look more often then I probably should admit. I am not a morning person so when I want to look polished and put together, without getting up extra early, the low pony is a winner. 

To make my ponytail a bit more elegant, I like to add a soft twist on the sides. I start out by parting my hair on one side and taking the front strands from the section with more hair. From there I twist around towards the back and secure with a bobby pin just over my ear. I then pull the smaller section of hair to the back and fasten with a hair tie. It’s literally the easiest hair style you could do. 

Looking for more holiday inspiration? Check out my Holiday Party Dress picks from Rent the Runway. 

Disclaimer: I received a product sample as inspiration for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some links in this article are affiliate links and help support the upkeep of this publication. 

Photo credit: Chambray and Curls, RockyMtnBliss, 

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