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Daily Skin Care Routine Helps Combat Dry Winter Skin

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Living in Colorado the dry weather is a constant battle. During the winter months, the cold dry air wages war on your skin. As a native Coloradoan I’ve learned that most skincare products are too harsh and the chemicals are more likely to dry skin out than help keep your face looking refreshed throughout the winter. 

When I first found Derma-E I was so excited to find skincare line with a focus on all natural products. The sulfate and paraben-free formulas are gentle and has helped me combat dry winter skin throughout the harshest Colorado weather. I’ve been a fan of Derma-E for the last few years so when I received the opportunity to join their blogger program I was so excited to get to share some of my experience with their products with you! 

Throughout this article I’ll break down some of my Colorado Dry Winter Skin secrets and share why Dermae-E is a go to in my daily skincare routine! 

Activated charcoal is all the rage with beauty and fashion bloggers right now, but finding a charcoal mask and cleanser that isn’t going to leave your skin dry is harder than you’d think. A lot of the fly by night ‘peels’ on amazon are actually terrible for your skin and can leave your face angry and red instead of clean. 

As an all natural cleanser, Derma-E is good for your skin and the charcoal helps draw out bacteria, dirt and pollution out of your pores, preventing acne and giving you a fresh look everyday. The Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal mask is the perfect weekend skincare treatment while the Purifying Gel Cleanser is mild enough for everyday use. 

I use the Purifying Gel Cleanser most mornings before getting ready to head into the office. Without a heavy chemical scent, it’s perfect for starting the day off right. If the weather is really cold, the Radiant Glow Face Oil is perfect for adding a bit of hydration to my skin. Afterwards I use a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 to help lock in the moisture to keep dry winter skin at bay throughout the day. 

Daily Skin Care Routine

Throughout the winter months, I’ve found its just as important to go to bed with a clean face as it is to start the day with one. Before heading to bed, I wrap up my daily routine using the Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil to remove eye makeup without adding any extra wear and tear on my face. The purifying daily detox scrub is perfect for taking away makeup and impurities from the day and providing natural toxin fighters that absorb throughout the evening. 

Since starting a daily skin care routine I’ve been amazed at how big a difference it’s made on my skin. I don’t feel dry skin throughout the day and my skin is that much clearer! 

Disclaimer: I received product samples from Derma-E to inspire this article. Links throughout this post contain affiliate tracking code that supports the maintenance and upkeep of this blog. 

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