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Ringing in Holiday Cheer with the Mazda6

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With both our families in Colorado, the holiday season means spending a lot of time traveling in the car from one gathering to another. Both Drew and I are really close with our families so we are lucky that most of the Denver metro area is close enough that we can celebrate the holidays with all of our family without needing to book plane tickets!  

When Mazda invited me to try out the new Mazda6 I was excited to give it a go during the holiday season when we’d be spending a lot of time in the car and on the highway. When Drew and I first started dating he drove a Mazda Speed 6 and while the new 2017 model is a bit of a different car it felt very similar in both body style and ride.

Mazda6 is the perfect car for family holiday time

I’m a sucker for metallic paint jobs and I love love love this red. The color is just a snippet of how fun the Mazda6 is to drive. 

The Nappa leather trimmed sport seats have in-seat heating, perfect for chilly winter weather around the holidays and comfortable enough for a long car ride. 

The feature I love the most and wish was in my current car is the amazing heads up navigation display. Once the location is programmed into the center console navigation, directions appear directly in the drivers line of vision, meaning you don’t need to look away to find the next turn in your route. 

Beyond not needing to be distracted trying to navigate through town, the full panel of safety features was perfect for driving on the highway. The auto monitoring cruise control helps provide a safe distance between cars and the blind spot notifier lets you know if a care is hiding out of sight in the lane next to you. 

With tight door seals and thick front and rear class, there’s little to no road noise to disturb the Bose sound system as your travel throughout town. Having XM radio for a few days spoiled me with hours of new Broadway musicals in fully immersive sound. 

The sporty Mazda6 was a lot more fun to drive than my typical daily driver SUV and I could definitely tell that Mazda has made a commitment to creating a vehicle with improved power and control. With a starting MSRP of $30,695 the grand touring trim of the Mazda6 is a great car at an amazing price point. I’m really impressed that a car with this many features and a great style is available at a mid range price point. 

Getting to drive the Mazda6 over the holidays was the perfect car for making our in-state road trip more special! How do you celebrate the holidays with your family? 

Disclosure: I received the opportunity to borrow the Mazda6 as a complimentary experience. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. 

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