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Hosting the perfect Denver Dinner Party

Denver Dinner Party

In today’s world of Pinterest perfect it’s hard to not want to be your own version of Martha Stewart when the holidays come around. Family and friends will be over for dinner and the cocktails are ready to go, roast is in the oven and all the disorganization in your house is sorted and cleaned away. Once you’ve hit this stage, setting the table is all thats left for the picture perfect gathering. 

When you’re entertaining, its tempting to buy a whole set of dishes, decor and stemware to suite the occasion. Outside of being an expensive choice, after the event storing a whole set of chargers and party dishes might be more than you can handle. 

I love entertaining and having family and friends over for dinner, so when I learned about the new Denver dinner party company Cloth + Gold, I was excited to try it out for myself. Cloth + Gold wants to bring the dinner party back into action and are doing so by providing stunning matched dinner party tablescapes as an on-demand rental experience. 

Currently only available in the Denver Metro area, Cloth + Gold launched after months of Beta testing with real home event planners just this last October. 

Booking is so easy! Each set is hand crafted for the beautiful Martha Stewart approved look we are all striving for and includes a centerpiece, wine glasses, charger, dinner plate, salad plate, runner, candle holders, napkins and silverware. 

Dinner party

The full kit is hand delivered directly to your door and is carefully packaged to ensure that everything arrives in perfect shape. Open up the kit, take our your ready to go tablescape and start making dinner! There is even an included recipe recommendation and day of playlist to help get the party started. 

Sets are rented in groups of 4. I was entertaining a group of 6 so I ordered two sets to make sure I had enough dishes and glassware. 

The set I selected is called Drift Away, and is toned in stunning lavender jewel tones and grey. I love the geometric candle holders and how they helped the more traditional bud vases offset the other colors on the table. Each element is high quality and combines perfectly for a beautiful Martha approved dinner party look. 

After dinner was through, all the dishes are scrapped and go back into the shipping boxes for pickup the next day. Anything really messy got a quick rinse but beyond that no other cleanup is needed. Cloth + Gold even handles the proper washing after everything makes it back to their processing center! 

Without the stress of finding the perfect table settings, it was so easy to invite friends over for dinner! I can’t wait to do it again. 

Cloth + Gold is the perfect solution for your next holiday party! If you want to order for a Christmas Gathering, the deadline is 12/17 (next Sunday).  

Looking for the perfect recipe to inspire your next dinner party? Try my smoky onion pork chops! 

Disclaimer: I received a demo of this product to inspire this post. All opinions, writing and photography are my own. 

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Time Out For Football Party Ideas

With NFL playoffs well underway and college football wrapping up just last night, now is the time to gather your fellow fans and root on the best of the best as they compete for this year’s most coveted titles. I love college football. The fans are more passionate and the players are in it for the love of the game (and the scholarships, chance of going pro etc…), but mostly the love of the game. 

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Your Love Is So Cheesy – DIY Cheese Gift Set

Celebrating an engagement with a DIY Cheese Gift Set

My cousin Jeannie and her boyfriend Andy got engaged over 4th of July weekend and we celebrated their engagement at a fabulous wine and cheese party last weekend. They’ve been dating for several years now and I’m so excited to be a part of their wedding party and celebrate with them as they plan their wedding. 

The engagement party was a wine & cheese theme so I knew I wanted to give them a Hickory Farms Cheese Sampler Gift Box to enjoy alongside a fun DIY Cheese Board. Personalizing a Cheese Board with a bit of wood burning takes just a few minutes and is the perfect addition to any gift set

DIY Cheese Board

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5 Football Party Tips and Snack Ideas

Five tips for keeping your party snacks fresh throughout the Super Bowl.

Football Snack Ideas & Game Day Tips

Love or hate football, everyone watches the Super Bowl (even if it’s just for the commercials). Whether or not you are rooting for the teams playing, hosting a Super Bowl Party is a fun way to get together with family and friends in celebration of one of America’s favorite non-holidays.

With the Broncos headed to San Francisco for Super Bowl 50 we couldn’t be more excited to watch the game and see if the Lombardi trophy will be headed home to Denver. We don’t have many friends who are Carolina fans so our entire household will be rooting for the home team this coming Sunday.

The Big Game itself can span several hours, so use these tips to keep your football snacks fresh and delicious throughout the day.

Use your teams colors to decorate for your Super Bowl Party

Tip 1: Serve football staples that are room temperature.

Super Bowl Party Ideas

When food doesn’t need to be heated or cooked, it will stay fresh longer. Beef and Turkey Summer Sausage from Hickory Farms is the perfect example of a game day sampler that you can cut up and leave out throughout the party (if there’s any left after the first few minutes… – summer sausage goes pretty quickly in our house).

Nuts are another Super Bowl Party fan favorite salty snack that doesn’t require any refrigeration throughout the game. The Grand Nut Party assortment has the perfect variety of nuts and party mix that can be served in bowls throughout the watching area of the party.

Tip 2: When prepping for the game, don’t cross-contaminate.

Food safety experts will tell you that you should always use separate cutting boards and knives for meats, vegetables and cheeses. This will help ensure that anyone at your Super Bowl party with an allergy isnt exposed to something they don’t want, and if you have anything raw, it prevents bacteria that could cause food borne illnesses. If you don’t have more than one cutting board, prep each item individually and wash your cutting board thoroughly in between items.

Use a clean cutting board to prevent cross contamination while cooking.

Tip 3: Prep ready grab items in advance

Pre-slice and store each of your appetizers in their own containers. Set out as much as you need for the 1st quarter of the game on a small tray and refill throughout the party. This ensures that everything is the proper temperature and tastes fresh throughout the entire game. Soft cheese is one item that can dry out if left out for a long period of time like a 4 hour football game. By making a cheese platter with a few options and storing the rest for refilling, you can help ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the football snacks.

The perfect cheese platter for your Super Bowl Party.

Tip 4: Add limes to guacamole to keep it from browning

If you plan on serving fresh guacamole (vs. something you purchase in advance from the store) squeeze fresh limes over the top before storing it. The citrus acid helps create a barrier to prevent oxidation from occurring by ensuring that the PH level of the guacamole remains low. Why don’t they teach that in high school science class?

Add lime to your guacamole to keep it from browning.
Image via Creative Commons

Tip 5: Make smaller portions to keep temperature-sensitive foods fresh.

If you are making a 16-oz. serving of something like 3-layer dip portion it into four 4-oz. containers. This allows you to replace the bowl after each quarter and helps keep the dish the proper temperature throughout the entire game. If serving a hot dish, use a crockpot or keep the bulk of the food on simmer at a low temperature. You can easily refill a smaller dish throughout the game from the main pot.

I hope these tips help your Super Bowl Party go off without a hitch. Do you have any other tricks or tricks you’d add to this list? Leave a note in the comments!

Tips and tricks for making your Super Bowl Party a success.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Hickory Farms. All opinions, ideas and writing are my own. I was compensated and received a product sample as inspiration for this post.