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Event Planning

All Hallows Eve: Halloween Without Kids

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – it’s a holiday that doesn’t require much, other than a bit of creativity and fun. Now that we’re at that in-between stage of life; after the point where Halloween is all about drinking, but we don’t have kids yet to take trick-or-treating, finding a balance of what I want to do to celebrate can be a bit of a challenge.

When I was growing up my neighborhood would compete for the unofficial title of “scariest house on the street”. It became such a spectacle that supposedly there was a year that the retirement community brought their residents by on a bus to view the houses on our block. My family made Halloween decorating a sport, each year adding more decorations and larger props to the yard. We didn’t decorate much for Christmas, but Halloween, you could pretty much guarantee a full graveyard, haunted forest, or minivan sized spider in the front yard.

This year, we’ll be celebrating the spookiest night of the year a night early, hosting an All Hallows’ Eve dinner with some delicious treats from Hickory Farms. We’ve decked out the dining & living room and are planning to have some of our favorite ghouls and goblins over to enjoy the feast.   Continue Reading…

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Tailgating Game Plan

There is a briskness in the air, the leaves are starting to turn colors and football season has kicked off; it’s hard to believe it’s already fall. Although Colorado isn’t necessarily on the same level as the southern College Football scene, we can hold our own when it comes to firing up the grill on gameday. We were even able to convince the local breweries to sell microbrews in cans so we can drink our favorites on game day.  Continue Reading…