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Turning a small office into a space you love

How to makeover a small office space

When we bought our house, I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was turn the landing nook into a small office. This odd nook in the middle of the hallway seemed like an afterthought by the builder [or a creative way of adding useless square footage]. The entire space is approximately 5′ x 5′ so finding the right things to make the office feel both useful and comfortable was a challenge. 

Starting with the furniture, I needed space that would allow me to keep a wide variety of things at hands reach, without taking up too much space. For a desk, the Ikea LINNMON table ended up as the perfect fit. Paired with a 4 square KALLAX I had enough storage space to keep everything I wanted near by. While functional, I didn’t really love the space and even though it works, I still would take my laptop over to a coffee shop or the library to focus and get work done. 

As my own personal Valentine’s Day challenge, I wanted to see what I could do to take a functional space, and make it into one that I LOVE to work in.  Continue Reading…

Home Care/ Home Decor & Projects

Holiday Cleaning Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Sponsored by Shark

As you get ready for the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to do a deep clean of your house before decorations go up and guests start to arrive.

Our house is a tri-level, meaning that each room is broken up into smaller spaces but the connecting open floor plan makes everything feel bigger. During the holidays, we need to be creative to add the tree and holiday decorations into the living room without making the room feel cluttered. Continue Reading…

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Spring Cleaning Essentials

Spring Cleaning with Pets

As the season turns warm, its become the time of year when I spend most days chasing Rogue around the house with a broom. Corgi’s are constant shedders, but during the spring cleaning up after her becomes a daily staple. Ironically we picked a corgi because the ‘thought’ they shed less than huskies. Jokes on me. 

With spring cleaning on the horizon, the thought of corgi fluff bunnies all over the house has me on high alert and the Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is the ideal solution for staying on top of the fur. I have been a huge fan of Shark for years. When I first switched over I was a combination impressed/horrified/shocked at how much fur was in the canister after just one run (especially considering that I had run the OLD vacuum before hand). 

With two years of my semi-ok house cleaning combined with the corgi fluff this spring is time for a deep that can help get rid of the dust thats built up in the corners, tops of built-ins and blinds. The new Shark Rocket Complete has the ability to swap from vacuuming the floor to the top of the built ins in minutes. 

Lightweight and easy to transition the Rocket Complete picks up fur, dust, and anything else that gets dragged in on the floor. With rugs, carpets and hardwoods in my house I need versatility to help me get everything cleaning in one swoop and with the Rocky Complete I can even pop out the brush roll and swap from carpet cleaning to hardwoods – hows that for versatility? 

When it comes to cleaning, the less I have to do, and the less products I need in my house to get it done – the better. The Shark Rocket means I can combine dusting, vacuuming and sweeping into one compact package that rolls away in the closet. 

What are your go-to spring cleaning essentials? 

Disclaimer: I received a product sample from Shark as inspiration for this post. All experiences and opinions are my own. 



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Holiday Home Prep

As the holiday season is just around the corner, now is the time to set yourself up for a happy and stress free celebration. No matter if you are hosting Thanksgiving, or traveling across the country for Christmas with family out of state, taking the time to prepare will ensure that you have a happy holiday no matter where you’ll be joining in on the revelry. 

Holiday Home Prep for
Celebrating with Guests

Holiday Home Prep Tips from RockyMtnBliss.comClear away clutter 

If you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, prepare your rooms by first clearing away clutter.  By putting away items that are not used regularly you open up space for other decor and any gifts that may be coming into the house. 

Create a box that you can pull back out after the holidays and place any non-holiday decorations that you want to bring back out after the season is over. 

Holiday Home Prep Tips from

Stock Up on Essentials 

If you are inviting family over, make sure that you have everything you need to be a successful (and stress free host). In the kitchen, check the cupboards and make sure that you have all the basic staples including flour, sugar, and baking power for an impromptu cooking backing session.

In the rest of the house make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, paper towel, tissues and cleaning supplies. Having these items on hand will mean you don’t have to run out at a moment notice if someone comes down with a cold while celebrating at your home. 

Holiday Home Prep Tips from

Roll out the Welcome Mat

If you have plan to have guests, make them feel at home by providing all the basics in an easy to access and find place. In the bathroom you may want to include a basket with fresh towels, extra toilet paper and any toiletries they may have left behind (I love repurposing hotel bottles for this). 

In the bedroom, include an extra blanket, pillows and a couple of bottles of water. It’s nice to not have to go hunting in a strange house when you need a drink late at night. If you have a wifi password, write it down and leave it in an easy to find place. 

In the kitchen, place coffee essentials out in the open where they are easy to find. If your guest is an early riser they’ll appreciate having easy access to caffeine before the rest of the house gets up. 

Prep your home for the holidays with these home care tips and tricks.

Finish Your Household Ironing

If your home is anything like mine, ironing the things I need for a well laid dinner table is the last thing on my mind, but I DO want that clean freshly ironed look if I’m inviting guests over. I usually toss tablecloths in a drawer only to iron them 5 minutes before rolling out on the table but during the holidays, thats not an easy feat to accomplish. 

The weekend before your holiday celebration, plan a time that you can get ironing done ahead of time. Set out the tablecloth, cloth napkins and any dress clothes that you want to wear during the holiday weekend. No matter what I need to iron, my go to home appliance is my DW3 SteamCare Iron from Rowenta. This new iron just came out a few months ago and it’s officially changed my mind set on how to approach ironing. 


With no need to adjust the temperture for various fabrics, I can iron everything I need for my home in one sitting, without needing to wait for the iron to cool or up or down. This is a huge time saver when you go from cotton napkins to synthetic tablecloths. 


The Microsteam350 Sole Plate allows the steam function to be more effective than my old iron, getting set in wrinkles out in a fraction of the time – perfect for tablecloths that ended up stuffed in a drawer. There’s even a vertical function that makes it possible to iron items once they are hanging, allowing me to shake wrinkles from curtains without taking them down or run a quick steam over a dress before getting ready for a holiday party.  

Prep your home for the holidays with these home care tips and tricks.

Getting your ironing done before guests arrive leaves your mind free for enjoying the celebration. You can always hang things up and give a quick once over with steam before setting up for the meal. 

What Holiday Home Prep tips do you want to share? Leave a note in the comments! 

Disclaimer: I received a DW3 SteamCare Iron to review for this post. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post. 

Photo Credits: UnSplash, TheLittleOne