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Turning a small office into a space you love

How to makeover a small office space

When we bought our house, I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was turn the landing nook into a small office. This odd nook in the middle of the hallway seemed like an afterthought by the builder [or a creative way of adding useless square footage]. The entire space is approximately 5′ x 5′ so finding the right things to make the office feel both useful and comfortable was a challenge. 

Starting with the furniture, I needed space that would allow me to keep a wide variety of things at hands reach, without taking up too much space. For a desk, the Ikea LINNMON table ended up as the perfect fit. Paired with a 4 square KALLAX I had enough storage space to keep everything I wanted near by. While functional, I didn’t really love the space and even though it works, I still would take my laptop over to a coffee shop or the library to focus and get work done. 

As my own personal Valentine’s Day challenge, I wanted to see what I could do to take a functional space, and make it into one that I LOVE to work in.  Continue Reading…

Home Decor & Projects

Four Reasons Why You Should Cook With Stainless Steel

Cooking with Stainless Steel pots and pans is different from cooking on non-stick surfaces like teflon or ceramic. I’ve found that there are some meals that I prefer to use stainless steel on, specifically to help my meats brown nicely, or to be able to really scrap up the bottom of the pan without worrying about damaging the non-stick surface of the pan. I was recently given the opportunity to try out one of the Stainless Steel Frying Pans from Made In and it has since become my go to pan for perfect fried eggs every time.

Four Reasons Why You Should Cook With Stainless Steel

Reason 1 – Stainless Steel Is Durable

No matter how much you baby your pots and pans, life happens and even if you remove all metal utensils from the kitchen someone is going to use that metal spatula on your treasured non-stick pan. Stainless steel holds up for years and doesn’t show the wear and tear from everyday use as easily. If you NEED that non-stick finish, make sure to check out Made In’s PFOA-Free Coated Fry pans that won’t leach chemicals into your food. 

Reason 2 – Better Heat Distribution 

Have you ever cooked a piece of meat to discover that while one area is burned another looks completely raw? I have. That’s what happens when your pan is not conducting heat properly. Made In pans are made with five layers of thick aluminum, ensuring that your pans heat evenly for the life of the pan. 

Reason 3 – Improved Browning

Some recipes call for browning your meat as the first step and when you are cooking a roast or another red meat, that browning traps in the juice and flavor. Stainless steel is hot enough to ensure that your meat is beautifully browned with nice crisp edges. This beautiful look is called the maillard reaction.  Anything stuck to the pan after browning is perfect for scraping up and giving additional flavor to the dish. In a non-stick pan, it’s impossible to scrap up those flavorful bits without damaging the pan. Have you ever seen a professional cook use a non-stick pan? There’s a reason why! 

Reason 4 – Chemical Free

Most modern non-stick pans are chemical free already, but stainless steel is naturally so. You don’t have to worry about any cracked teflon or other nonstick coating flaking off the pan into your meal. 

Butter melts beautifully in stainless steel pans and is perfect for frying up eggs to making into a rich and wonderful sauce. As a home cook, one of the barriers keeping me from investing in an entire set of stainless steel pans is the cost. That’s one of the fantastic things I love about Made In Cookware. Your cooking tools are an investment at will last for a lifetime, and Made In has made it easy to start adding high quality pans into your cupboards at a fraction of what you might spend in a boutique store. 


By selling direct to customers through their website, all the extra overhead and cost that comes with selling at a store are gone. That means that the value you get out of your cook wear is where it should be – in the quality of the product itself. 

What are your favorite kitchen tools? Leave a note in the comments and let me know what other tools I should check out! 

Disclaimer: I received a product sample from Made In to inspire this post. All writing and opinions are my own. 


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Holiday Cleaning Tips for a Stress Free Christmas Sponsored by Shark

As you get ready for the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to do a deep clean of your house before decorations go up and guests start to arrive.

Our house is a tri-level, meaning that each room is broken up into smaller spaces but the connecting open floor plan makes everything feel bigger. During the holidays, we need to be creative to add the tree and holiday decorations into the living room without making the room feel cluttered. Continue Reading…

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Popping Up in Denver: Sixpenny Furniture

When was the last time you ordered a piece of furniture online only to have pure an utter remorse upon realizing that the complex assembly was going to test the strength of your marriage. We’ve all been there. That beautiful entryway table you just had to have on sale arrives in two boxes with 700 piece, none that look like they belong in an entryway table. 

Thanks to Boulder, Colorado Based Sixpenny, complicated online purchases are a thing of the past. Known for being the home of “the most comfortable chair ever,” Sixpenny’s stylish sofas, sectionals and chairs are available online and come with white glove delivery service. Shipped directly to your home, Sixpenny’s team of expert furniture assemblers will bring everything in and complete the assembly while you sit back and drink a glass of wine. Who wouldn’t enjoy that! 

sixpenny denver popup

I love learning about Colorado companies doing great things and Sixpenny is truly revolutionizing how we should be looking for new furniture. I got the chance to catch up with Sixpenny Furniture co-founder Jonathan Allen last month at their Denver Popup location to learn more about the company.”By selling direct to the consumer,” without a storefront, “Sixpenny has the best value in the industry.”

Their most recent release is their line of fully customizable sectionals. Each end cap is fully finished, meaning you can reconfigure your set into dozens of variations and add pieces as you need them. Cushions are built with a foam core stability and soft feathers giving the most comfortable chair fluffy and comfort that will keep you from getting up. Most covers (with the exception of the leather options) are removable for washing allowing you to keep up with whatever messes life throws at you. 


Over the next two months, Sixpenny is hosting an ongoing popup just across from Cherry Creek Mall where you can experience the furniture and select the materials for your covers! If you are headed home from work and need to take a break from traffic, you can even swing in from 5 pm – 7 pm everyday for their Sip and Shop Event! 

Can’t make it to Denver? Sixpenny Furniture is heading to Chicago and New York next and you can even request a complimentary swatch kit before deciding what materials you want for your living room redo!