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Sorry I’m not Sorry – Facebook’s Killing Brand Pages

Yesterday Mark Zuckerburg announced that the Facebook newsfeed will be shifting to share more content from your family and friends, instead of content from brands / bloggers and business pages. Since this announcement went live I’ve seen dozens of posts from bloggers, photographers and business owners up in arms.

Facebook’s killing my community! What am I going to do? Etc etc etc. Even one of my favorite mom bloggers Baby Sideburns has an open letter to the Zuck protesting her dismay about the changes.

I’ve been working in marketing and social media my entire career and from this announcement the only thing I have to say is THANK GOD.

If you are in any type of business you’ve known for years that using Facebook’s tricky algorithm to boost your engagement is a cruel mistress. The first bloggers and businesses into the world of Facebook pages got huge, fast. People liked / shared / clicked and filled your pockets with money from sponsors and customers. Slowly but surely Facebook realized that they were missing revenue and instead of charging their users, they started charging these folks who were making money off of their FREE platform.

Next came the latest round of how to trick the system. Instead of just posting your content to boost your numbers: Post Meme’s, Post Videos, Post Gifs asking people to describe their day in a Gif response. This garbage is literally collectively lowering all of our iq.

Last month, Facebook said hey guys, this is trash, let’s stop promoting it and if you don’t we’re not going to show your trash to anyone.

Again, Thank you.

So that said, how does a blogger or a brand survive on Facebook? The same way they survived before social media became a gravy train of free ‘impressions’.

CREATE GOOD CONTENT. Build your website with SEO in mind so that readers / customers can find you. Be a good steward of your community and only share your very best work. 

If you are good at what you do – people will naturally share your content giving you better, more engaged, authentic engagement. Isn’t that what we all want?

To all my blogger friends. Let’s stop trying to find a way to trick the system and bemoaning how facebook is making life harder. Let’s all just accept the challenge and BE better.

Photo Credit: Karolina from Pexels 

Colorado Local/ Marketing

Type A West Conference Comes to Denver

I wanted to take a quick pause from this month’s blog party to share an amazing opportunity that’s coming up in Denver in just a few weeks. Part of why having a blog party is so much fun is the chance to get to build an online community of writers who support and encourage each other. I am having so much fun working alongside these creative ladies and I couldn’t be more happy that I’m sharing my space with them over the next couple of weeks. 

Outside of blogging, I’ve been working in online marketing since graduating from college. When I first entered the workforce, social media was a new tool that no one quite had a handle on. I spent a year studying generational behaviors and developing an understanding of how people were creating and engaging with content online. Now nearly ten years later, I’ve built my career as a digital marketing expert, working with non-profit organizations, small businesses and corporations. I love the fast paced nature of online marketing and I am constantly working to continue to improve my skills and learn – which is why I launched a blog in the first place.

When learning and building an online community intersect – really exciting things can happen. I’ve attended dozens of conferences and I love getting to meet virtual friends face to face and be inspired to try new ideas that came about during the conference sessions. One of the best parts about being a both blogger and a marketer is that attending conferences allows me to look at the event from two sides.

I can connect with other bloggers or connect with brand marketers. I can share my knowledge and learn from the presenters. I can build relationships that help me create better content and find new people to collaborate with both on and off line. 

In just a few weeks, Type-A West is convening in downtown Denver and bloggers and brands will be joining together for three full days of networking, education and community. I am always excited for the opportunity to check out a conference in my home town and I can’t wait to get to meet everyone who’s traveling in for the event. 

Tickets are really affordable and include access to the expo hall and evening parties outside of the workshops and sessions during the day. At $250 for a three day conference you can’t beat the price. If you’d like to join in on the fun, be sure to use the coupon code FRIENDOFANNE to receive a 25% off your registration or booth fee. Let me know if you’ll be there so we can meet up in person! 

Type-A West Ticket Information

Blogger Pass $250  $187.50 – Register now
Expo Hall Table $2000 $1500 – Register now
Expo Hall Booth $3000 $2250 – Register now

Disclosure: I have partnered with Type-A West to help share information about the conference and will be receiving a complimentary pass to attend. All opinions are my own.


When I grow up…

The first job I remember wanting to be was a plumber. My mom is an electrician but I had quite a scare with a bobby pin and a wall outlet (doesn’t everyone do that at least once) so the idea of being shocked as part of my daily to do list was the furthest thing from my mind. A plumber was obviously the next best thing. They still had an amazing set of tools, they could fix anything and they were someone you could always rely on.  That was the type of person I wanted to be when I grew up – once I figured out that it also required fixing toilets and clogged drains, I changed my mind pretty quickly.

The next job on my radar was scientist / astronaut / engineer. Having spent many hours watching Star Trek (Next Generation) space was my the unexplored frontier. I worked pretty solidly towards actually becoming an engineer, taking all the advanced classes in school and participating in all the math, science clubs I could find. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I learned exactly how much math would be involved if I continued down that path leading me back towards where I belonged – english / journalism and writing.

Today I’m not a scientist, or a plumber, or an engineer, but I think what I loved about all of those things have merged together into a job that didn’t even really exist when I was growing up.

Marketing of course was around, but it was a different world. There was a lot of shouting in hopes that something would stick and inspire that person to do what the brand in question wanted them to do. Thanks to social media advertising and marketing have evolved into a living breathing community, where brands have to at a bare minimum listen to their customers, if not interact and engage with them.

The constant evolution of the internet and how consumers interact using it is a fascinating social experiment that as a marketer I get to witness firsthand. On a daily basis I find myself somewhere between being terrified about the digital identity trail we leave behind and excited about the amount of intuition complex consumer profiling can provide for marketing tools.

What I have done, whether I meant to or not, is find exactly the type of career I always wanted when I was a kid – a career where I get to be resourceful, inventive, and creative, and that is something pretty exciting.

Today’s NaBloPoMo post was inspired by BlogHer’s November writing prompts – check it out and see if you are inspired to get started on your own November writing challenge! 



#BetterForIt – Nike Inner Thoughts Ad

We’ve all been there. You walk into the gym, head over the the free weights and can’t find the 8 lb dumbbells. You look around, so see if maybe they are misplaced and you find the gym socializer texting while laying on a yoga mat, your dumb bells next to her.

“Seriously…. how many crunches do you need to do”

Those flickering, sometimes snarky, sometimes demotivating “5 minutes is a long enough warm up, right?” inner thoughts that run through your head once you start in on your workout.

For me, yoga is the worst. You are there to clear you mind, zen out and yet all I can do is stare blankly at the back of the person next to me thinking, “Gross thats a lot of sweat… why can’t I balance like that… I don’t need to do the easy version, I’ll start with the hard position and hold it for 3 seconds”

Nike did a great job capturing some of those thoughts in their most recent ad. What do you think? What thoughts do you have when you are alone in your mind at the gym?