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2018 Fashion Preview at the WESA Fashion Show

Winter in Denver is characterized by chaotic weather patterns and the comforting constant of the new year ringing in with the National Western Stock Show. What I didn’t know until this year is that stock show time doesn’t just mean rodeo, it also coincides with largest trade show in the WORLD for western apparel and equipment. That’s right, the largest in the world, WESA Denver is a weekend long event featuring over 2,500 product lines and over 7,000 retailers stocking their boutiques with the hottest fashions of the year. 

For me, that meant an inside peek at all fashion trends we’ll be seeing over the next few months during both the fashion show and throughout the trade show over the weekend. Western fashion inspires styles you see at all your favorite stores. This year, fun patterns and bright colors are making waves. Throughout the entire fashion show, the jewel tones and bold patterns made a mark on women’s styles.  Continue Reading…

News & Announcements

Relaunching as Rocky Mtn Bliss

rockymountainbliss_logoIntroducing Rocky Mtn Bliss! Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey. I’ve relaunched this blog with a new name (formerly thatsnotsix), and will be working on building the layout and content in the coming months.

I appreciate you sticking with me as I work through all the kinks in the blog, and would love your feedback and ideas.

As Rocky Mtn Bliss, I’ll be blogging about my Rocky Mountain Bliss, but would love to include the voices of others. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have an idea for a post or if you’d like to join as a guest blogger sharing your own Rocky Mtn Bliss story.