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DIY Tutorial: Felt Flower Wreath

Today I’ll show you the remaining two flower types to wrap up your felt flower wreath. I love how bright and vibrant this wreath looks on my front door and I can’t wait to see what colors you choose for your project.

If you are just joining us now, you may want to hop back a couple of posts to see how to make Rosettes and Carnations as well. Today’s tutorial will cover roses and mums before showing you how to put all the pieces together into a finished Felt Flower Wreath for the perfect addition to your summer decor.

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DIY Felt Carnation Tutorial

Felt Carnation tutorial

This felt carnation tutorial is part 2 of the wreath I’ve been working on for my front door. Full of color, felt flowers are perfect to add a bit of brightness to your door as the summer months begin. Part 1 covers how to make a Felt Rosette and today we’ll be adding to another flower to your arsenal – a carnation! 


Felt Carnation Tutorial: Making felt flowers for a spring wreath is a fun and easy project.

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