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Time Out For Football Party Ideas

With NFL playoffs well underway and college football wrapping up just last night, now is the time to gather your fellow fans and root on the best of the best as they compete for this year’s most coveted titles. I love college football. The fans are more passionate and the players are in it for the love of the game (and the scholarships, chance of going pro etc…), but mostly the love of the game. 

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Three Easy Appetizer Ideas to try this Holiday

These easy appetizer ideas will help keep the crowd busy while you finish cooking dinner.

When the house is full of hungry family you need easy appetizer solutions to help quell the chaos so you can finish up the rest of the meal. The best appetizers give guests something to snack on without ruining their appetite for dinner. 

With less then a week left towards Christmas, planning elaborate appetizers is most likely not on the top of your to-do list. I know it’s not on mine! These easy appetizer ideas will keep the crowd calm and can get on your table in just minutes! 

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Easy Christmas Snacks

When the snow starts to flurry outside there is nothing I crave more than warm cookies right out of the oven. The winter here in Denver has been a bit on the slow side, so the need to heat up the house with baking hasn’t been as top of mind as in the past.

Now that the weather’s starting to dip – we did have a below zero day last week – and the snow has stayed on the ground for more than a few hours at a time, the holiday baking craving has officially begun. 

If your December calendar looks anything like mine, the want for fresh baked goods and the time to actually bake might not be in alignment. Between holiday parties, family gatherings and volunteer commitments it feels like everyday is already jam packed. The last thing I need to add to my plate is a kitchen covered in flour and a dozen bowls to wash. 

Easy Christmas Snacks from Hickory Farms

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Christmas Potluck Ideas for Work

When the office is busy, pot luck lunches make it fun to get away from your desk and spend some time with co-workers instead of slamming a grocery store salad at in front of the computer. I used to work at an office where everyone would bring in pumpkin themed food right before Thanksgiving. It was fun to see how everyone took the prompt (pumpkin) and would try to make a semi meal that wasn’t entirely dessert. 

Planning a Christmas potluck is a fun way to bring holiday cheer into the office and I’ve put together a list of Christmas Potluck ideas for work that can help you get started.  Continue Reading…