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Are You Roeing? Join my Lularoe Pop-up on Thursday

I am super excited that one of my best friends just became a Lularoe consultant! If you aren’t yet familiar with this fabulous new brand now is the time to check it out! This pop-up will happen 100% online, so you can join in and shop no matter where you are! 

Join the Pop-Up Group on Facebook.

Lularoe is a home shopping sale group [remember Tupperware parties?] that features beautiful and comfortable clothing as the items for sale. 

Lularoe is what I imagine would happen if Pokemon and Beanie Babies had a love child. Extremely comfortable, each piece is limited edition with just 312 items in each size of each print. This means that every consultant has a different inventory and each item is collectable and unique. 

As an example, I just snagged this super comfy Irma and One Size Fits all leggings. Lularoe-pop-up

Irmas are intended to be oversized so I pulled mine up in the back with a hair tie. The leggings are so soft that it almost feels like you are wearing PJs instead of pants – and they are thick enough that you can actually go out in public! 

Amber is one of oldest friends and just launched her shop and I couldn’t be more excited to be one of her very first online pop-ups. I hope you can join us on Thursday!! 

Join the Pop-Up Group on Facebook.