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5 Tools You Need for Your New Silhouette

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Because Drew is really incredible, for my birthday this year he gave me a Silhouette Cameo, something I’d been wanting to add to my DIY go to kit for the last several years. Silhouettes allow you to create custom die-cuts on paper, fabric, vinyl and other materials.

I’ve been a huge fan of the personalization options a Silhouette offered, but until receiving this gift I didn’t fully understand what all the machine could do. My first reaction upon opening it was to look into what tools I needed to get started, but I didn’t find anything that really explained what I needed it to.

The Best Tools for a New Silhouette User

1.Silhouette Hook – looks like a dental instrument, but this tool is extremely helpful for separating small cuts in your materials.

2. Vinyl – Vinyl is a great material to get started using your Silhouette. You can personalize virtually anything, including your walls. has great sales all week long, but the specials change everyday, so plan ahead if there is something specific you are looking for.

3. Silhouette Scraper
– You could probably get away with using an old credit card, but I like having something I can store with all the rest of the Silhouette materials.

4. Transfer Paper
– If you want to move something from the vinyl onto another surface – which is virtually EVERYTHING, you are going to want Transfer Paper. Transfer Paper ensures that nothing moves around and you design stays perfect.

5. Dust Cover
– I really like being able to put my Silhouette away without needing to dismantle my entire work area. The dusk cover is big enough that I can tuck the cord away inside it with the rest of the Silhouette and it keeps dust and dog hair from getting into the machine.

Some great resources I’ve found for using my Silhouette have been Youtube tutorials &  Silhouette School. What are the best tools you’ve found for your Silhouette?

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