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Date Nights with Hickory Farms

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Summer has been flying by, and carving out the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company is challenging on the best of weeks. More often than not we turn to eating out as a way to find some space in the day where we can focus on each other, and not the pile of dishes building in the sink.

Making time for date nights is hard enough, but trying to avoid our standard, “Let’s swing by the Mexican Restaurant and immediately fall asleep when we get home;” is even more difficult.

Hickory Farms provides an alternative to eating out, while allowing us to spend time reconnecting over a meal without extensive cook time. We love spicy food, so Beef Summer Sausage and Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese is great treat for tossing into a picnic basket for Jazz at the Park or enjoying riverside after a motorcycle ride into the canyon.

In addition to being a great go-to gift, Hickory Farms products are perfect for keeping on hand for spontaneous outings, allowing us to focus on each other, not the details of where we are going to stop for dinner. Drew & I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend, and trying out a few new date night ideas with the help of some Hickory Farms treats before the summer is over.

5 Summer Date Nights With Hickory Farms


5 Summer Date Night Ideas

  1. Jazz in the Park

    Many cities offer free outdoor music throughout the summer. I like to take a timeout and pack along some essentials for a quick snack while listening to live music. Wrap up a package of sausage and your favorite cheese pairing with a small cutting board and a knife and you have everything you need for a night in the park with your love.

  2. Evening Motorcycle Ride

    The key to enjoying a motorcycle ride during the summer is a cool breeze and packing light. We have a sport bike so there is no additional room for extra luggage. Hickory Farms Summer Sausage is great for tossing into a small backpack before heading out on the road for the evening.

  3. Picnic Outside

    When was the last time you really enjoyed a picnic? Packing all the necessities of a meal is tricky, but you don’t need all the plates and silverware you would at a regular table meal. Just snag a knife, some paper plates and your favorite combination of summer sausage, cheese and a bottle of wine.

  4. Star Gazing

    There is nothing more beautiful than getting away from the city lights and counting the stars in the sky. We are lucky that we are so close to the mountains where the light pollution has a harder time obscuring the view. For a great star gazing date night, get in the car and head out towards the country (or the mountains if you can). Usually 30 minutes outside of town is enough. Spread a blanket out on your hood and Hickory Farms is the perfect snack to enjoy while waiting for shooting stars above.

  5. Visit a Local Brewery

    The list of outdoor activities in Colorado can seem endless, but in the middle of August sometimes you just need some A/C and a cold beer. Colorado is known for the number of craft breweries popping up throughout the city, but most do not serve food alongside their libations. Aside from the rare food truck, if you want to eat, you usually have to bring your food with you. Beef Summer Sausage is a delicious pairing with Pale Ale.

How do you find time for your significant other when the summer months get busy? What are your favorite date night activities? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll share your suggestions via Twitter!

For an easy date night on the go, pack treats into a ziplock bag.

This post was brought to you by Hickory Farms. All opinions, ideas and writing are my own. I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a product sample to inspire this post.

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