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March Reading List

Can you finish the 50 book challenge? Follow along and see how many books you can read this year.
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One of my personal challenges each year is to finish reading 50 books from a variety of genres. I love young adult fiction and could read a book a night but to balance needing to sleep and pushing myself to learn I try to mix things up. I’ve found that reading 4 books a month is manageable and realistic plan to complete the 50 book goal. Each month I’ll be sharing my reading list and would love to hear what you’d like to see added to the list for the next month. 

For March I have a couple of YA books and a few non-fiction pieces. What books are you reading right now? 


Recommended Reading List

Sinking: Book One of the Sinking Trilogy

I received the opportunity to receive this book as an advanced reader (before it was released to the public) and I LOVED it. With so many YA stories set in a dystopian future it is refreshing to have a quick read that is set in the past. Sinking tells the story of a young woman who appears on the Irish shore devoid of memories.  This book is a trilogy and I’m excited to see the way the rest of the tale turns out as Jocelyn finds out her history. 


UnSelling: The New Customer Experience

Scott Stratten is hilarious (also the author of QR Codes Kill Kittens)and his marketing advise is everything anyone who’s professionally worked in social media wants to shout from the rooftop. UnSelling is his newest book covering how to facilitate a full customer experience through good marketing, customer service and product quality.   

  I Am Malala

Malala Yousafzai is the girl who is known for being shot for attending school in Pakistan.  Malala is inspiring change in a war torn culture and made news around the world when she became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize nominee. 



Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I am actually boggled that I haven’t read this book before now. Its been on my reading list for a while and now that it is being turned into movie I definitely need to get it finished before the movie is released. Miss Peregrine is a series that follows the story of a young boy who encounters children with unusual talents at an orphanage.  




Take the 50 book reading challenge! Follow along and see how many books you can read this year.

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