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Five Ways to Refresh your Home for Spring

We may still have snow on the ground (and more headed our way) but spring has officially started and I’m ready to start looking forward to brighter colors, warmer weather and all the beauty that spring brings. Since I can’t control the weather outside, refreshing the inside is the next best thing! 

Instead of just spring cleaning, I like to add a touch of fresh decor as I change over the house for the new season. There’s always lots to be done but in the spring I like to try and focus on a couple of simple tricks for keeping the house feeling fresh and clean. If you need some new decor this is the perfect time to add a touch of spring. 

This list could go on and on, covering sweeping out the garage, cleaning the windows, and mopping the entryway from all the grime tracked inside on winter boots. If you are anything like me, a high level clean might be all you need / all you have time for. These are my high points that I try to focus on as the weather outside warms. 

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Arts & Crafts

How to Make a Tissue Paper Halloween Wreath

If I was going to rank my favorite holidays, Halloween would be at the top of the list (next to 4th of July). I love the creativity the holiday invites, from amazing DIY costumes to the spookiest of yard decor. I’m still working on getting decorating our home down, but holidays like Halloween allow me to put off figuring out exactly how to stage the perfect living room (or give me a reason to stage my living room for Halloween year-round).

I came across a kit for making a wreath out of tissue paper and I couldn’t convince myself that the cost of the kit ($12) was going to save me that much time. My version cost $3.

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