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June Reading List – 50 Book Reading Challenge

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As we head into the full swing of summer hopefully that means you’ll have more time for lounging by the pool with a book in your hand – or if its too hot laying under the AC vent trying to soak up as much cool air as possible. Since summer means I have a bit more time to read I’m working to catch up on the 50 book reading challenge. How many books are you up to? 

The Girls Of Atomic City

Join the 50 book reading challenge at RockyMtnBliss.comThis amazing book covers the history of Atomic research that was looked over in high school history class. Following the stories of nine women from Oak Ridge, Tennessee as they unknowingly worked to separate uranium to be used in the Manhattan Project the Girls of Atomic City reads more like a fiction book then the non-fiction history it is in reality. If you find you enjoyed this book as much as I did, check out the TV Show Bomb Girls – another amazing telling of war history from the ladies who helped keep the country running during WWII. 

The Girls Of Atomic City 


Join the 50 book reading challenge at RockyMtnBliss.comInitially released as five separate short stories this complication is a science fiction page turner you won’t want to put down. After an apocalyptic event renders the Earths surface unlivable civilization retreats to underground bunkers where the most extreme form of justice is being sentenced to a one-way trip to clean the silos lens into the world above. With tons of cliff hangers you’ll have a hard time stopping at the end of each short story.


Legend Trilogy 

Join the 50 book reading challenge at RockyMtnBliss.comAnother post-apocalyptic series [you might be sensing a trend in my reading selections] the Legend story follows two fifteen year olds living on separate sides of society brought together by a murder. An unlikely team the two protagonists June and Day have to work together to unveil what lengths the country is willing to go to maintain their way of life. 

Book 1: Legend
Book 2: Prodigy 

Book 3: Champion

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